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Dr. Rick Cardin is Director of Cambridge Strategy Group, LLC, where he advises clients on building their businesses through strategy, financing and marketing.   He typically participates in the equity of its clients and is actively involved in helping them to set and reach their goals.  Dr. Cardin brings expertise and experience in creative financing, marketing, strategic planning, business development and franchising across a range of industries. 


Dr. Cardin authored the book Conflict of Interest in Securities, which formed the basis for a lobbying campaign leading to structural changes in the securities industry.  He wrote a book on recommended Federal recycling policy for the Environmental Protection Agency.  The study’s surprising conclusion changed their plans regarding recycling.  He is co-author of Trends Affecting the US Healthcare System, Print Your Own Money and Bootstrap Biz Owner: How to Buy or Start a Business with Little or None of Your Own Cash.


Dr. Cardin serves on the Board of Advisors of ProOne,, which has developed proprietary, breakthrough, environmentally friendly lubrication technology that drills oil and gas wells without pollution. With applications for oil and gas drilling, manufacturing, mining and transportation, this advanced lubrication technology offers bottom line savings, including reducing wear and extending equipment life, increasing productivity, lowering energy and fuel consumption, reducing pollution, preventing costly downtime and lowering maintenance costs.  He is Chairman of Mastiff Renewable Energy,, which generates 100% green electricity in quantity at one cent per kw/h, far below any other technology.  He is a Director of Eco Products Group,, an environmental technology corporation developing patented water conservation products for residential, commercial and institutional buildings.  Dr. Cardin is on the Board of Advisors of CLAROS Communications,, a technologically cutting-edge company offering a medical information communications system and a variety of sophisticated call center capabilities employing service disabled veterans.  He also serves on the Board of Advisors of KESDEE,, the world’s leading provider of e-learning financial education for finance professionals, with over 750 course offerings, and of the Saudi Institute of Banking, Insurance and Securities.


Dr. Cardin served on the Board of Advisors RPost, a cutting edge provider of Registered Email.  He recently completed six years of service on the Board of Directors, and as Chairman of the Governance and Audit Committees, of Whitney Information Network, a public company.  During his tenure Whitney was the nation’s largest business opportunity mailer and a seminar industry leader with over 400,000 student registrations annually.   Whitney conducts the Rich Dad Poor Dad seminars around the country.  Dr. Cardin recently chaired a Special Committee whose actions led to major structural and managerial changes and to an endorsement of his service by Risk Metrics / Institutional Shareholder Services.  


Dr. Cardin’s lecture and publication topics include: corporate, investment, and international finance; strategic planning; franchising; entrepreneurship; management; M&A; consulting; health care economics; and environmental economics.


Dr. Cardin has been a Director of the Cambridge Research Institute, a strategic planning consulting firm in Cambridge, MA.  Other Directors included Department Chairmen at Harvard Business School, a former Secretary of the Air Force, and a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and Fellow of the Hoover Institution.  As a Director, he took primary responsibility for marketing, development, and management of the firm’s largest and most profitable projects.  He built international business from zero into a major profit center and contributed significantly to the firm’s 300% growth during the period.


At the Cambridge Research Institute, he led strategic analyses of the computer and telecommunications industries for two of the largest companies in the world.  The analyses were used for litigation support and strategic planning. For Volares Industriales (now FEMSA), a diversified conglomerate and the largest private employer in Mexico, he advised a successful strategic direction counter to the prevailing wisdom and consulted on the structure of the Board of Directors and the top management group.  For the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Dr. Cardin’s research led to improvements in the strategic planning process and a national series of lectures and seminars to implement the improvements.  He also designed a series of educational programs aimed at improving the performance of the Hospital Financing Division’s massive financing portfolio through better evaluation of hospital operations and loan approvals.  This also led to a series of nationwide seminars.


Dr. Cardin was the Founder, Chairman, CEO and CFO of the publicly traded foodservice franchiser, O! Deli.  He led the company to a national presence with over fifty franchises before selling out to Pacific Equities.  At O! Deli, Dr. Cardin directed the franchising and going public processes, and developed the real estate program that allowed the company to secure first class locations in the tallest buildings in San Francisco, San Diego, Minneapolis, Miami, and Orlando.  This company was featured in a favorable Inc. magazine article, “Anatomy of a Start-up: In Search of the Perfect Business”. 


Dr. Cardin held a faculty appointment in International Finance at the Harvard Business School, where he developed cases and teaching materials on speculation, arbitrage, and hedging in foreign exchange.


Dr. Cardin has directed a number of other consulting engagements.  He advised Travelers Insurance to enter the market-making business twenty years before their acquisition of Solomon.  He was consultant to the Chairman of the Board of the Wall Street wholesale firm, Weeden and Company.  Dr. Cardin advised the Army Corps of Engineers on strategic planning in the face of a need to seriously re-evaluate their mission.  He advised a client on a study of the psychological aspects of U.S./Japanese trade negotiations.  


Dr. Cardin earned his MBA with distinction and his Doctorate in Finance from the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.  He earned a BA in Economics, summa cum laude, from Tufts University, where he fulfilled degree requirements in Economics, Math, and Astronomy, minoring in Physics.  He was the first Chairman of the Financial Council formed to administer all student activities funds and wrote an unrequired thesis on achieving capital gains in the stock market.  He was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.


For relaxation, Dr. Cardin reads widely.  He produced and photographed the film short, Walden, now in educational distribution.